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Coaching for Children and Families
Birth to age 3

Early intervention (EI) is a system of services that helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. Nutrition through EI can include assistance to families managing tube feedings & TPN, failure to thrive (FTT), GERD, picky eating, feeding issues, meal time stress and general healthy eating.  We specialize in helping families manage homemade blender diet for tube feedings and can address the full range of nutrition concerns. Coach Jessi is a credentialed EI nutrition specialist and serves clients through CFC's in and around Chicago.  Contact your EI service coordinator for more information.


Coaching is available for families with babies and toddlers not participating in the EI program for all nutrition concerns.  Call or text to 773-710-2237 to make an appointment.


Kindergarten through the teen years

Childhood and adolescence can be nutritionally confusing times for families.  The media influx of food, eating, and body image messages is non-stop in our culture.  Even when families reduce screen time, images on billboards, mobile devices, buses and everywhere bombard us with messages that often conflict with what we know about healthy eating.   Younger children might become very picky and very plain in their food choices, eating limited variety of foods.  As the teen years advance GI issues, anorexia & eating disorders might become an issue.


Coach Jessi is prepared to help your family manage Celiac disease, food allergies and intolerance, failure to thrive and type 1 diabetes or childhood overweight/obesity and type 2 diabetes. Nutrition coaching can also help your child with GI issues such IBS, Crohns disease or extended/chronic constipation.  We are prepared to coach you through these nutritionally complicated and difficult times, and help you find your families path to the best of health.

Coaching for Adults
Adult Nutriton Coaching is...

Support.  Your question might be about what to cook for dinner or how to manage disease with the FOD diet.   Coral Nutrition Coaches are available to support your journey to optimal health through healthy eating.   We bring our clinical nutrition knowledge and expertise to the conversation that you lead, its your process and your goals.  You make food decisions every day, Coach Jessi helps you set up a plan to reach your goals and supports you on the journey to achieving them.


Consider Nutrition Coaching for help: 

Attaining optimal health

Becoming vegetarian 

During pregnancy and lactation


Celiac disease

Crohn's disease


Eating disorders

Food allergies/intolerance

Heart disease

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tube feeding 

...or any other nutrition, health or wellness journey that you face.


Group Nutrition & Culinary Fun with Learning

Let's face it, food is fun.   Call today to plan a fun, interactive nutrition and food learning event for team building, group cohesion or culinary skill building.   Multi-session nutrition series and grocery store tours also available.  All events and series are custom built to your specifications.  Private and non-profit rates available.  Will join you in grant writing requirements as needed.  Click here and here and here to learn more about Coach Jessi's experience with groups.



"Jessica was really helpful and nice. As an athlete it's sometimes hard to ensure that i'm receiving proper nutrition and calories, but Jessica was helpful in pointing out food options and proper calorie amounts. Thanks to her help, i've learned the importance of training smart so that I can race hard."

- Client, 19 yo F

"Jessi came into our lives at a difficult time -- my adolescent son Max had just been diagnosed with diabetes, and we were looking to improve our eating habits to accommodate his new dietary requirements. We had always been very spontaneous and adventurous eaters, and I was specifically looking for someone who had the culinary skill to produce exciting and delicious meals, while at the same time, had the nutritional expertise to put together meals that were compatible with diabetes. Jessi did a fantastic job with this: her food is really delicious and creative, she made ethnic-themed dinners, Continental dinners, Southern dinners -- there was always variety. And, the carbohydrate count was always carefully worked out for my son, with appropriate portions. I learned about different food products that were healthier for Max, such as pasta made with 50% legume flour, as well as how to bake with sugar substitutes, etc. We never felt like we were eating "diabetic dinners" that were devoid of flavor and color -- in fact, quite the opposite. Jessi's cooking really helped us get through my son's adjustment to diabetes, and reminded him that it is still possible to eat great, satisfying food despite having the illness." 

Foodservice Consulting

DCFS, child care, senior site and other state federal funded meal program recipe, menu and/or HACCP plan review and approval.  Coach Jessi has been consulting child and senior foodservice establishments for 7 years and is familiar and current with state guidelines and reimbursement requirements.


Restaurant allergy menu creation, certification and nutrition analysis services also available.


Rates & Logistics

In-person Adult and Family Coaching - $178.oo per session.  Sliding scale and fee negotiation available.

Coach Jessi will meet you at the location of your choosing: your home, your workplace, a coffee shop, library, grocery store, etc.

Early Intervention services are provided in natural environments (home or daycare) and are billed through the Central Billing Office or your insurance.

Appointment hours available for scheduling Monday through Friday,  8:30am-4pm.

Payment is expected at time of service/session.  Cash, check, paypal and venmo accepted.  No Insurance accepted at this time.

What to expect in a typical nitrition coaching session


  • Weight, height and waist evaluation

  • 24 hour eating recall

  • Physical activity review

  • Prioritize nutrition concerns

  • Goal setting

  • Planning first steps

  • Questions answered 

  • Next steps


Coaching Expectations



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